5KW Solar Energy System Hybrid Residential Solar system factory price


5KW hybrid solar system Equipment list
Module Description Description Quantity
1 340W Solar panel Size:1956*992*40mm; Weight:21Kgs 16pcs
2 Hybrid inverter DC 48v 5kw 1set
3 GEL Battery 12V ,200AH 4pcs
4 Mounting Structure Whole set mounting structure for 16pcs solar modules 1 set
5 PV Cables 4mm2 200m
6 Battery Rack Whole set for 4pcs battery 1set
7 solar connector Rated Voltage:1000V 5pairs

Hybrid solar system is a on grid solar system with backup battery .

However, remaining connected to the grid and investing in a battery backup system will actually provide more benefits.

When you’re connected to the grid, you can count on it for backup power in the event that your solar battery runs out of power. You can also sell extra electricity back to your utility company through net metering.

You invest less money on battery but get enough electricity.

Our solar panel has the high transfer efficiency,it makes you get more electricity.

Our battery has longer lifetime,from the long term,it can save cost for you.

The stable inverter can make the solar system works normally.You will have no trouble if you purchase from us.