50KW solar energy systems 50000w solar system with battery storage


30KW 50KW Hybrid Off Grid Solar System Configuration
Model 30KW Hybrid Solar System 50KW Hybrid Solar System
 Solar panel 450W 72 pcs 28pcs
Combiner Box 4 inputs 1output 2input 2output
Hybrid Inverter 30KW Hybrid Inverter 50KW Hybrid Inverter
Battery Customized (Gel/Lithium Battery Optional)
Mounting Support Roof/Ground Design
PV Cable 200m 500m
Connector 20 pairs 30 pairs
Tools Bag Wire Cable Cutter & Stripper, Crimping Pliers for PV Connectors (Opt)
Kindly Reminder: The Above System Configuration For Initial Designing, The System Configuration Are Subject to Changing Depends onYour Final Installation Conditions and Requirements.